At Fond, Lee Styer, the chef, and his fiancee, the pastry chef Jessie Prawlucki,

Update, from a recent revisit.

The cooking couple behind this intimate East Passyunk BYOB — chef Lee Styer and pastry chef Jessie Prawlucki – have made more than enough progress in the past two years to step-up  (from two) to a well-deserved three bells.

The service was as refined as ever. And Lee’s crispy pork belly is still easily Philly’s best. But it was the other sophisticated French-influenced seasonal cooking — gnocchi with lobster and black trumpets; perfect duck with beans and sausage; Jessie’s exquisite tangerine cheesecake — that made me a believer: this South Philly BYO gem is clearly one of our best.

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