Homestead saltcellar Crate and Barrel

Salt at your fingertips

While the pepper grinder is a must-have in the cook's kitchen, I find that salt mills don't seem to work as well. Also, it's hard to tell how much salt you've actually added. I much prefer to measure by the pinch. Thus the need for a saltcellar next to the stove, like this one made of glazed stoneware.

- Maureen Fitzgerald
Homestead saltcellar, $9.95, Crate and Barrel.


Crystal-powered IPA

For beer geeks who crave fancy glasses as much as any wine lover, here's some beautiful Spiegelau crystal to amp your IPA pleasure. The ridged base increases tiny bubbles that maximize aroma and head, and a narrow tulip bowl focuses a burst of happiness on your nose every time you take a sip. The glasses will be widely available retail in April. But a partnership with Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada, timed for the release of their Rhizing Bines collaboration IPA (brewed with the melony experimental hop #644), has made branded glasses available right away.

-Craig LaBan
Spiegelau IPA glasses, $9, online at; Glasses will also be given away at Dogfish Head beer dinners at Memphis Taproom, March 6, and Alla Spina, March 26. Rhizing Bines retails (27.4 oz.) for a suggested $12.50.