Sunday, January 25, 2015


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Monday, Jan. 12 is the premiere of CineMug (1607 S. Broad St., 267-314-5936).
With the second anniversary of their East Passyunk BYOB Noord coming up, Joncarl Lachman and Bob Moysan are planning a second restaurant at 943 S. Ninth St. in South Philadelphia.
When it comes to restaurant trend forecasts, there's sometimes a tendency toward the frivolous: Is kale finally wilting? Are doughnuts the new cupcakes? Will this be the year crickets become a mainstream protein?
"The cliché about business is that if your sales aren’t going up, they’re going down. Well, fortunately for us, it’s not going down, even if the growth has slowed. But we are doing fine."
It's pretty much as you remember it, though more polished.
David Suro-Piñera opened Tequilas just a year after arriving here as a 23-year-old, a feat possible thanks to a combination of his own determination and others’ kindness.