Tuesday, June 30, 2015


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The Garces Group got a thumbs-up Tuesday night from the Center City Residents' Association for its planned test kitchen-cum-restaurant, which will occupy the Walnut Street side of Garces' headquarters at 24th and Walnut Streets, at the foot of the Walnut Street Bridg
Zoning variance permitting, Gus's is pegged for a fall opening at 20th Street and Washington Avenue (1930 Washington Ave.).
Owner Vanessa Flacco says the atmosphere will be lively, and will include priced-for-the-neighborhood dishes.
Cheesecake Factory - whose locations pretty much ring the city (Cherry HIll, Willow Grove, King of Prussia) - hits 15th and Walnut Streets.
Tim Bonnie has a Distrito alumna running the kitchen and dining room.
Architect Richard Stokes says he and his team were inspired by the building itself: "What I think is going to be neat is that people are going to be able to enter this beautiful lobby that [Pietro] Belluschi designed."