Monday, May 25, 2015


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When Ikea announced a forthcoming line of "veggie" meatballs, a groundswell of feedback (obviously polite and well-reasoned) convinced the company to go the logical route and make them 100% vegan. So right off the bat, Ikea should be commended for that. Question is, of course, are these things any good?
Mark J. DeNinno started as a consultant. Then he bought in and started knocking down walls.
A new room, with a bar, next door will effectively double the size of the Top Chef's restaurant.
Il Cantuccio, which has held the corner of Third Street and Fairmount Avenue in Northern Liberties since 1999, is out of business.
The bar - a fixture at Front and South Streets since 1976 - was the subject of a "Bar Rescue" in 2011.
Keven Parker's mom, Joyce, was the neighborhood's cook. Her son turned it all pro.
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