Monday, July 6, 2015


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The summer restaurant scene will bring but one blockbuster opening.
The summer will see two Chinese destinations, a bunch of taquerias/Mexican concepts, a bottle shop, and bars, bar, bars. And a bit of repetition (in the names DanDan and JoséJosé, anywayanyway).
"We'd jump in front of a car for each other, without question. When there's work to be done, like at Christmastime, we never have to question if we’re going to be here."
Elit vodka hired Bloomberg Custom Content to curate the list.
The Garces Group got a thumbs-up Tuesday night from the Center City Residents' Association for its planned test kitchen-cum-restaurant, which will occupy the Walnut Street side of Garces' headquarters at 24th and Walnut Streets, at the foot of the Walnut Street Bridg
Zoning variance permitting, Gus's is pegged for a fall opening at 20th Street and Washington Avenue (1930 Washington Ave.).
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