Sunday, April 19, 2015


There are countless places in Philly where you can get a vegan version of the cheesesteak, many made with seitan. I'd rather use one of the "meatiest" vegetables around, portobello mushrooms. Because you slice the mushroom caps thinly, and they retain so much texture, they evoke the shaved beef so crucial to the traditional one. Philly-Style Broccoli Rabe, Portobello and Cheese Sandwiches
These days, you can get just about anything in Sriracha flavor.
Everything in Laurel restaurant is chosen with precise care by chef and owner Nick Elmi. The wall sconces, of mottled brown iron and imperfect glass, were made by sous chef Eddie Konrad. Elmi built each piece of the rustic furniture and painted all the walls a creamy almond. One of the servers provides the fresh flowers that adorn each table.
When it comes to easy roasts, nothing beats a boneless pork tenderloin - just season, glaze, and bake.
There are few things easier to cook than a whole fish. And not only is a whole fish more beautiful to serve than a fillet (once you get past that silly "Eek! It looks like a fish!" reaction), it tastes better, too. Just like any other meat cooked on the bone, fish cooked in the round is moister and more flavorful.
Whole grains are definitely part of a healthy, well-rounded diet and it’s good to get in a few servings every day. Cereal is a common choice when...
When I think of Easter dinner, ham always comes to mind. My mom always bakes a monstrous ham on Easter Sunday and there are always leftovers galore that...