8 best ever chili recipes

Chad A. Elick/Parade.

Chili is the consummate comfort food, it is rich and hearty with just the right amount of spice. In our house chili means so many different things. But it pretty much always features, meat, beans, a scrumptious tomato based sauce and a little spice. But there are so many possibilities.

Chili is a staple in our house. We do not discriminate. We love all chili. Some of our favorite recipes include a 5-Ingredient Lazy Day Chili that is ready in just 15 minutes, an all day slow cooker chili, a Wendy’s Chili copycat recipe, a vegetarian chili and so many more.

Chili makes me think of my mom when I was a kid. She made the most amazing chili. I remember it cooking on the stove top all day long in an old milking pot that my great grandmother gave her. Sometimes memories are the ultimate comfort, aren’t they?

One of the reasons we love chili so much is that it’s absolutely perfect all year long. It is amazing in the fall and winter, but we really love it in the spring and summer. Not to mention it is the perfect topping for hot dogs, sausages and even burgers. Serve it as a side in place of baked beans and you won’t hear any complaints at our house.

So what is your favorite chili?

Enjoy, with love from our Simple Kitchen to yours!

Chad A Elick



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