Sunday, November 23, 2014
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Americans love a good crunch. Not the neck-straining, sit-up kind (although that can be satisfying in a whole different way.) We’re talking about...
Our partner Tasting Table has the best of food and drink culture. Today, Andy Baraghani tells us how to make a Thanksgiving menu for two.
You'll need an efficient ventilation system as you quickly cook the flank steak over high heat. After a brief rest, the thin-sliced meat soaks up the sweet-tart dressing - a worthy foil for the peppery arugula greens on the plate.
Dark, dreary nights have you down? Do you have a case of the seasonal blahs? This classic, hearty Italian soup will set you right.
Writer Francine Maroukian and chef Tony Aiazzi have come up with a handy 'zine stocked with 25 side-dish recipes including cocktails.
For our second class in the new kitchen at the Free Library of Philadelphia, we upped the ante, with a recipe for spaghetti and sausage with homemade sauce.
You might call this the shorthand version of roast chicken and vegetables. It requires only one baking sheet and a hot oven.