Friday, January 30, 2015


A jar of hazelnut chocolate butter, like Nutella or Nocciolata, is always scrape-worthy, even if there's next to nothing left.
WHETHER you're down with the New England Patriots or upholding the Seattle Seahawks, you and your friends and family can chow down this Super Bowl Sunday with harmonious gusto. Because no matter which team you root for, everyone will get behind a spread of Southwestern noshes.
SUPER BOWL Sunday is also the Super Bowl of consuming meat products, including chicken wings. But let us gently offer an interesting, yet, very tasty, alternative.
The following post was originally featured on According to Elle and written by Elle Penner, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.
I was initially a little wary of this version because it didn't call for making a roux, which gives most mac and cheese recipes that creamy, hearty texture.
It's a good time for a bit of consumer-vegetable reeducation. This recipe calls for baby broccoli, which you might have found labeled "broccolini." The latter is a name trademarked by Mann Packing, a California grower. Either way, we're talking about the same thing: a fully grown hybrid of broccoli and a kind of Chinese kale/broccoli.
"Why didn't I think of that?" was my main reaction when I first heard of avocado toast. I have enjoyed and advocated ripe avocado as a bread spread for years. Its creaminess and buttery flavor are ideal on toast in the morning, adding a rich yet healthful element to the breakfast plate. But aside from topping mine with a slice of tomato, that is as far as I took it.