Honest Tom's taco sauce now in stores, online

If you love the hot sauce at Honest Tom’s Taco Shop, you can now bring home a bottle for your own cooking. Tom “Honest Tom” McCusker’s taco sauce, available in his West Philadelphia storefront, is now also in local stores. The sauce, available in four varieties, is on shelves in the Mariposa Co-op on Baltimore Avenue and in Green Aisle grocery stores.

Former taco truck proprietor McCusker started bottling the sauce and selling it out of his store two years ago, after noticing that his customers kept filling takeaway containers with extra sauce. McCusker began supplying it to those retail locations this year and also added it to his UberEATS menu, where he said it took off faster than he expected.

“I was planning on aggressively pushing it in stores, but it started selling so fast,” he said.

The original sauce, a smoky, tangy recipe that comes in mild and hot, is made with chili peppers, vinegar, brown sugar, and spices. Other varieties are the Special sauce, McCusker’s take on a traditional hot sauce, and Halloween, which is green and made with jalapeno and garlic.

Honest Tom’s Taco Sauce, $5 at Honest Tom’s Taco Shop; $3.99 at the Mariposa Food Co-op, 4824 Baltimore Ave.; $6 at Green Aisles locations, greenaislegrocery.com.