Great Wine Values: Lunetta Prosecco Veneto, Italy

If you’re looking for an everyday sparkling wine that won’t break the bank, it’s hard to beat Lunetta Prosecco. That’s true even at this wine’s regular price, let alone when it’s offered for $2 off, as it is for the rest of September. Prosecco is the name of a district in northern Italy’s Tre Venezie region that is so famous for its delicate bubblies that both the wines and the grape variety used to make them go by the same name. Where more traditional methods of making sparkling wine require long aging to develop nutty complexity, Prosecco’s appeal lies, instead, in the freshness and purity of its fruit flavors, which have the crisp zing of an apple plucked straight from the tree. This makes the wines more affordable, as well, because they can be sold immediately with no patient cellaring required. The other factor behind the popularity of Prosecco is the suggestion of sweetness that is almost always present. It may not be as suitable as a serious food partner as Brut Champagne, for example, but makes for an ideal aperitif. And, for most of us, deliciously unserious is a pretty good place to be when it comes time to pop a cork.

Lunetta Prosecco, Veneto, Italy; $11.99, (regularly $13.99; sale price through Oct. 1) PLCB Item #9596.