Great Wine Values: Dominio de Punctum 'Lobetia' Rosado

Camera icon Dominio de Punctum
“Lobetia” Rosado

Seasonality has its place in food circles, but it’s refreshing to see people drinking pink wines year-round. Once relegated to summer as firmly as white sandals and seersucker suits, rosé wines are finally accepted as a distinct class of wines that merit our consideration, regardless of the weather. One main driver of this shift is the popularization of European dry rosés in recent years, most notably the pale grenache-based rosés of Provence in the south of France, which have been among the most fashionable wines for nearly a decade. Luckily for fans of the dry pink grenache style, there is another European country with a long tradition of making them at considerably lower prices. The grape may be better known by its French moniker grenache, but it is native to Spain, where it is known as garnacha, often spelled the Catalan way as garnatxa. Spanish vintners have been making garnacha into “rosado” for centuries, usually in a dry, refreshing style low in residual sugar. Many of these wines are quite vivid in color, but more and more Spanish vintners are making paler versions to take advantage of the Provencal trend. This delightful example from La Mancha is brisk and snappy, with mild flavors of strawberries and plums. Ideally suited for salads and sushi, it also has the advantage of being sourced from organic vineyards.

Dominio de Punctum “Lobetia” Rosado, Castilla La Mancha, Spain. $7.99 (regularly $9.99; sale price through April 1). PLCB Item #1569