Wednesday, December 17, 2014


For the last five months, Mount Airy's Earth Bread + Brewery has been creating a $10 cocktail of the month from which a $2 cut of the proceeds goes to a local nonprofit.
Beers of the month, books and beer fashion are among Joe Sixpack’s 18 holiday gift ideas.
One key to a great bourbon cocktail is the ability to embellish the spirit at its core - the whiskey - without burying it beneath too many flourishes. I'd have natural concerns about oversweetening any concoction, especially one with a name like Honey Bea
Tequila, like many of Hollywood's leading men, does not necessarily improve with age. The brash and youthful swagger of fresh agave I love so much in a laser-bright blanco tequila can simply get flabby and boring after too long in the barrel.
GUINNESS is one of the greatest, most valuable brand names in beer. From its familiar harp logo to its stenciled typeface to Arthur Guinness' famous signature, everything about it is immediately recognizable. Even its bubbles have a trademark look.
There are few foods more Pennsylvania than scrapple, the leftover fried mush of leftover pork parts with which we're all familiar. And while the congealed mix needs chewing for maximum enjoyment currently, soon all that will be a thing of the past thanks to Dogfish Head.