Sunday, July 5, 2015


There's been a reassuring burst of energy in Philly's wine scene. offering lists that shine a passionate focus on the progressive, the artisan, the obscure. The Tria Cafes have pioneered that approach with an eye toward keeping prices relatively accessible.
WHEN PEOPLE ask me to name my favorite beer, I usually say, "My next one."
With summer less than two weeks away, Marnie and Buzz discuss the right wine for the time.
Local hopheads rejoice: D.G. Yuengling & Son will soon join your bitter ranks with the November release of a recently announced IPL — or India Pale Lager.
You'd think Ashton Cigar Bar would be, naturally, mostly about smoke, and, yes, there are 200 cigar labels waiting behind a glass-walled humidor at this sleek oasis of luxury tobacco, totally revamped from the old Mahogany and renamed by its new owners in late 2013.
Since it opened in February, West Chester’s Levante Brewing Company has been going big with multiple beer styles, a tasting room, and a seemingly ever-growing brewery.