Drink: Lose This Skin cider at Coeur

Joe Strummer's punk rock takes an odd but mesmerizing detour on the Clash song "Lose This Skin" (from the 1980 classic Sandinista!) with wailing violins and the croaky vocals of Tymon Dogg. So when longtime Clash fans Brendan Hartranft, Leigh Maida, and Brendan Kelly decided to take a little detour at Coeur from their usual focus on beer, they had the perfect name for a new house cider and a collaborator with its own kind of wild yeast croak: Bullfrog.

The Williamsport brewery was one of the first in Pennsylvania to work with brettanomyces, a natural wild yeast that lends Bullfrog's beers and ciders a tart smack and terroir funk. For Lose This Skin, the cider also gets the addition of local merlot and cabernet grapes to steep in the steel tank, a nod to Coeur's other interest in natural wine that also adds a pink blush and tinge of tannin (yes, from all those skins).

You taste the red fruit, but it's quickly cleansed by the effervescence and a dry tartness. A lingering barnyard savor gives it that edgy, punk rock cider finish

Coeur + Bullfrog Lose This Skin cider
$6 a 11.5 oz. glass

Coeur, 824 S. 8th St., 215-922-6387; coeurphilly.com