Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This is my year for beer travel, with group tours planned to Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria, as well as several Eastern U.S. destinations.
Here in Philadelphia, the drunken tradition that is the Philly Taco is, at best, infamous. Sometime soon, though, it may be known as delicious — and it’s all thanks to a couple of out-of-town breweries.
Would you enjoy drinking beer as much if it didn't give you a buzz? Those bitter hops, that toasty malt - do we really need the alcohol to enjoy the flavor of a glass of ale?
The vast majority of wines come in one of four classic bottle shapes.
At the end of dreary winter, a sip of good Sauvignon Blanc is like a reveille bugle call for your taste buds to wake up to the lightness of spring.
YOU HEAR IT at every beer festival - an excited buzz that flashes through the crowd like lightning: Did you try _____ beer, yet? You've gotta taste it!