Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Inquirer Daily News


It's alcoholic but it's not a wine, a beer or hard liquor.
Lynn Hoffman remembers his first beer. No, seriously.
DON'T ASK for a pint of pumpkin beer at South Street's Brauhaus Schmitz. One of Philly's few bastions of Bavarian beer purity doesn't serve the spice stuff because the Germans already have a perfectly fine autumn beer, thank you.
The wines of Portugal remain among the Old World's greatest wine bargains - especially as the country known for port makes the case that it can produce excellent dry table wines, too. This red blend by Altivo from the Dão is a prime example at a pretty price.
Where: 34 S. 7th St., Center City, 215-627-3233. The lowdown: Tucked away on a quiet stretch of 7th Street, this take-out espresso bar is a haven for businesspeople, restaurant workers, police officers and the occasional journalist looking for a quick caffeine fix.
Bud Light IPA: Don't laugh - you know it's going to happen. What might've been a sacrilege just a year ago seems inevitable today.