Monday, December 22, 2014


Forget the War on Christmas. If we truly want to move America into a new era of bipartisan, interfaith holiday tranquillity, we need to end the War on Eggnog.
Where: 703 Walnut St., 215-946-9044 The lowdown: Nestled in the heart of one of the busiest stretches of Center City, this charming, cozy coffee shop...
Unlike, say, Thanksgiving's green bean casserole, or Hanukkah latkes, what we drink during the winter season isn't necessarily rooted in immovable tradition and high-pressure expectation.
IT'S JUST A WAFFLE, but Brian and Andrea Polizzi's newest product is the next step in the maturation of American small brewing.
Finding a great gift that wows adults in your life is a challenge. A nice bottle of wine, spirits or better beer does the trick, but can be hard to carry or ship. Cooking to the rescue!
Marnie shares her secret formula on how much to buy when entertaining a large group.