Saturday, March 28, 2015


Spring has arrived, and in Philadelphia that can only mean one thing: Philly Beer Week is coming. But this year, rather than waiting for it to arrive in pained silence, we’ll be able to express our anticipation with a monthly neighborhood bar crawl starring PBW’s most beloved symbol besides Grand Marshal Tom Kehoe: The Hammer of Glory.
Few things embolden Pennsylvania winemakers (and their customers) more than kudos from a respected wine competition far afield.
YIPPEE! Pennsylvania beer drinkers can finally buy 12-packs at distributors, thanks to a ruling last week from our pals at the Liquor Control Board.
Now that New Year celebrations have concluded in China, Philadelphia Distilling is hoping the world's most populous country shifts its focus to gin. Particularly, the company's gin.
THE CRAFT-BEER world's fixation with India Pale Ale shows no sign of fading. Just last month, for example, Philadelphia welcomed a new portfolio from California's Knee Deep Brewing that includes no fewer than five different IPAs, including a double, a triple and a heretofore unknown "Quad IPA."
YOU KNOW all those lawyer jokes? Forget 'em. Starting today, Pennsylvania beer drinkers can buy a 12-pack at a beer distributor, thanks to a loophole in state liquor code discovered by a sharp-eyed lawyer.