Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Where: 34 S. 7th St., Center City, 215-627-3233. The lowdown: Tucked away on a quiet stretch of 7th Street, this take-out espresso bar is a haven for businesspeople, restaurant workers, police officers and the occasional journalist looking for a quick caffeine fix.
Bud Light IPA: Don't laugh - you know it's going to happen. What might've been a sacrilege just a year ago seems inevitable today.
Marnie explains why the famous French blend named after a river also appears on the label of wines made in California.
An exuberant embrace of seasonality and produce has always been a hallmark of Marcie Turney's fresh American updates to Mexican cuisine at Lolita. So, as her former BYO begins to find its voice as a full-service restaurant, it's no surprise its first big drink hit - the cucumber-jalapeño margarita - would make a juice bar proud.
Beer-running is exactly what it sounds like. First you run, then you drink beer.
IF YOU haven't gotten your tix yet for October's Great American Beer Festival, in Denver, too late. The world's largest beer-judging event is sold out.