Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Would you enjoy drinking beer as much if it didn't give you a buzz? Those bitter hops, that toasty malt - do we really need the alcohol to enjoy the flavor of a glass of ale?
The vast majority of wines come in one of four classic bottle shapes.
At the end of dreary winter, a sip of good Sauvignon Blanc is like a reveille bugle call for your taste buds to wake up to the lightness of spring.
YOU HEAR IT at every beer festival - an excited buzz that flashes through the crowd like lightning: Did you try _____ beer, yet? You've gotta taste it!
Distilled beer is a rarity. Which is strange, because all spirits, from rum to brandy, begin as a quasi-beer - a fermented beverage made from grain, fruit or another source of sugar.
At Juniper Commons, a flavorful revamp of the White Russian.