Saturday, October 10, 2015


This being Beer-adelphia, there are naturally more than a half-dozen new local brews that have been crafted and themed in honor of Pope Francis' visit, from Holy Wooder (Philadelphia Brewing Co.) to White Smoke Saison (Forest & Main). But the South Americ
Cherry Hill’s Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing opened its doors to the public on Oct. 11 last year — an event the brewery will celebrate next month with its “One Year Extravaganza” event.
Washington greets the pope with a full session of Congress. How do we in Philly do it?
It's a thin line between tribute and hokum. On one side, the new Paterno Legacy Series beer from western Pennsylvania's Duquesne Brewing is a heartfelt bow toward the memory of Penn State's popular yet scandalized former head football coach, Joe Paterno.
The resurrection of Philadelphia's Kinsey, a blended whiskey made locally from before Prohibition until the late 1970s, began with an airline-sized mini-bottle from 1943.
People who say they hate pumpkin beer remind me of people who say they never watch TV, as if they're too good for something so unsophisticated.