Friday, May 22, 2015


NEWS ITEM: A California beer drinker has filed a class-action lawsuit against MillerCoors for deceptive advertising in marketing its Blue Moon label as a craft beer.
This bottle of 2013 Underwood pinot noir stands on its own.
You and I walk through the woods and we see trees and bushes and thorny things. Tess Hooper, a young environmental educator at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, in Upper Roxborough, sees the makings of a fine beer.
Tea has fast become one of the most intriguing ingredients in the bartender's arsenal, allowing for versatile flavor infusions that offer subtle, non-alcoholic background blenders to bolster featured spirits.
THE FIRST TIME I did the Broad Street Run, I did it with a bottle of Red Stripe in my hand.
The signature cocktail names at the Olde Bar are threaded with pearls of wit and obscure references that only a son of the Old Original Bookbinder's family tree could have conjured. The "5th Grandchild," for example, is an Old Grand-Dad-fueled nod ("somewhat bitter, somewhat sweet") to the restaurant childhood of Erich Weiss, the grandson of John M. Taxin who helped concoct this new list.