Sunday, January 25, 2015


GOOD OL' Charlie Brown. Always out there on the mound, even in the rain, ready to give his best for the rest of the "Peanuts" gang.
It's not as if I need an excuse to buy a great bottle of brown liquor. But the holidays are an especially perfect time to indulge the gifting spirits. So here are a few fine choices - with an emphasis on rarities and unusual twists on the familiar - that should make any booze lover smile.
YOU KNOW that resolution you made to cut back on beer in 2015? Yeah, me neither. But for those who did, here are 16 brand-new resolution-breakers from area breweries.
Refined cocoas from Shane Candies, Sazon Restaurant and Rim Cafe are included in the city's best drinking chocolates. We review and rate 10.
Recipe to make rich hot chocolate in a Crock Pot, using condensed milk, heavy cream, whole milk and old-fashioned grated chocolate.
The "Zazous," like author-poet and songwriter Boris Vian, were the flamboyant young jazz fans of France who used the freewheeling, escapist swing of American music as a form of rebellion against the conformity of Nazi-occupied France. What it ha