Whose burgers are best?

The Village Whiskey burger. Akira Suwa / Staff Photographer

Zagat is out with a guide to what it calls the best burgers in 12 neighborhoods.

"Debates about who serves the best burger can get more heated than arguments over politics," writes Zagat's Danya Henninger.

Well, yeah. Why else to do a "best-of" list if not to generate controversy web clicks.

South Street is represented by Supper. One could argue that the burger from Copabanana or Ishkabibble is superior.

Rittenhouse? Village Whiskey's signature burger - Zagat's choice for that neighborhood - gets lots of press. As does newcomer Shake Shack's. One could also argue that Good Dog's is No. 1.

And so it goes.

See the report here.

Disclosure: I edit Zagat's Philadelphia Restaurant Survey but have no ties to the local blog.