Wait... a scrapple salad?

A scrapple sculpture at ScrappleFest. (Photo via TableMatters.com)

Scrapple is not the best food for people who insist on knowing exactly what is in what they’re eating, says Shelby Vittek, and certainly isn’t for those who are particularly health-conscious.

But Vittek loves the pork product, and she dropped in last weekend at ScrappleFest at Reading Terminal Market.

In an article for TableMatters, she writes she was "surprised to see such a large group of people willing to give up a chunk of their Saturday to delight in a food made up of literal scraps of pig not suited for anything else."

Vittek recaps the recipe contest, which featured scrapple-y riffs such as lamb scrapple fried with cranberries and peaches; scrapple panzanella; a scrapple cheese dip; and homemade mahi mahi scrapple hush puppies.

She also shares the recipe for scrapple panzanella with grapefruit and a bacon vinaigrette, which brought home the bacon - so to speak - for its creator, Rebecca Foxman of Valley Shepherd Creamery.

See it all here.