This lawyer knows Jack (and Gouda and Neufchâtel...)

Miss Cheesemonger, a.k.a. Veronique Kherian, of San Francisco (Photo/Madame Fromage).

How does a lawyer wind up blogging about cheese?

Philly's own Madame Fromage sat down for an “East/West Skype chat” with Veronique Kherian, a.k.a Miss Cheesemonger, a lawyer and cheesemonger from San Francisco.

“I was burnt out from law school, the bar exam, and the dismal job market, so when I saw a Craigslist ad seeking a ‘cheese guru,’ I jumped at the chance,” Kherian told Madame Fromage. “I wanted to do something completely unrelated to law, and get my hands (literally) dirty.”

Her job at the Cellar, a wine bar and cheese shop in San Clemente, Calif., helped her spread the word about her San Francisco law practice, Kherian Law, which she started in May 2011. It focuses on trademark and copyright.

“I have been working hard to tell people in the cheese community that if they have a business, or they are selling something, then they have intellectual property (IP),” Kherian told Madame Fromage.

Read the whole interview here and get Kherian’s list for some of the best cheeses from her area.