Skip the toffee and try the Roomano

Roomano comes from Holland, the seat of Gouda. For the price (about $16 per pound), Roomano is an excellent party cheese.

Madame Fromage got her first taste of this Dutch cheese at Old City’s Wedge and Fig (160 N. Third St.). Kirk Nelson, the co-owner, offered her a tasting sample with a dish of caramel and sea salt crackers.

La Fromage describes Roomano as a recreation of an Italian Romano cheese, which lends to its sweet-satly flavor.

“Pick up a wedge of Roomano, some soft caramel and some pretzels or salted crackers,” Fromage writes. “Eat the three together, eyes closed, and you might think that you’re eating toffee, all crunch and sparkle.”

Read her post here for what Fromage recommends to pair with Roomano both on your plate and in your glass.