Philly coffee magnate has near-death experience

Watched by a Haitian grower, Todd Carmichael, cofounder of Philly's La Colombe, brews a first taste of the coffee. In a new TV series, he hunts for little-known bean sources. Travel Channel

Philly's own Todd Carmichael, one of the men behind La Colombe Torrefaction coffee, had a near death experience on Saturday while hunting for the best coffee beans. Carmichael currently hosts the Travel Channel show "Dangerous Grounds." (Read Ellen Gray's take on the show.)

Carmichael's Jeep rolled off of a cliff while driving on Colombia's Sierra Nevada Mountain. Carmichael told HuffPo Style that the cliff was about 200 feet tall and the crash occurred around midnight.

After the crash, Carmichael then sent wife Lauren Hart a terrfying text message: "Rolled my truck off the highest mountain in Colombia, caught by trees. Broke my watch but all fine. Like shoes in a clothes dryer. Should be dead really. Dodged another one. Walked through the night to Pueblo Bello, home soon." Uh, thanks, hon.

"Dangerous Grounds" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel.