Nomad in Italy: Pizza nirvana

Stalin Bedon and Tom Grim, who own the Nomad Pizza Co. shops near South Street and in Hopewell, N.J., closed down, packed up, and flew themselves and longtime staff to Italy for a 10-day eating excursion. It's all about pizza. "We think it is important that our staff gets a taste of the food culture and have a point of reference for pizza," said Grim.

Today's entry is by Grim.


Day 5. Our group went to what is considered by many to be the best pizza in Naples, Pizzeria Sorbillo.

It is a very busy, very hectic place. You are there to have your pizza - not linger. Have your pizza and please make way for the waiting throngs of customers. The crust is soft, the tomatoes are perfect and the mozzarella is sweet and delicious.

We have Italian customers that often compare our pizza to Sorbillo. It is an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence. 

Half of our group headed back to Rome as planned. The rest were having such a good time they decided to stay in Naples an extra day. They made friends with locals and had a rooftop lunch where they could see Mount Vesuvius and the sea. They went to a catacomb and toured Naples.

Da Michele is one of the most celebrated pizzerias in the world. It is the pizzeria featured in Eat, Pray, Love where Julia Roberts had pizza in Naples. After that book and movie it was impossible to get a seat. Their menu may be the smallest of any pizzeria, They offer two pizzas. Cheese or NO cheese and drinks. That's it. No salad, no appetizers, Just two kinds of pizza. I admire the simplicity and excellence. Could a pizzeria in America offer pizza and NO toppings? The concept is very appealing.

Tomorrow we will be visiting Forno pizza and Da Baffetto in Rome.


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