More gouda news out of Reading Terminal Market


Ever eat fresh mozzarella - and by that, I mean pulled-before-your-eyes cheese that has never seen the light of a refrigerator?

Wednesday, Jan. 16 is the target opening of Valley Shepherd Creamery, a Philly offshoot of the vaunted North Jersey cheese farm. (Backgrounder is here.)

It will make its own cheese right there in the market. But cheesemaking is mundane and you need a visual - in the form of a glassed-in room where a mozzarella maker will stretch out.

Valley Shepherd will start production here with four cheeses: a cloth-bound Cheddar-style called Reading or Not; a strong Stiltonlike cheese called Blue Me Away; a simple farmer’s cheese called Phresh; and a mozzarella called MozzaRTM.

Best of all, there will be a grilled-cheese counter called MeltKraft where CIA-trained chef Rebecca Foxman will turn out sandwiches based on the cheeses. Menu is here (very large PDF).

Most sandwiches are $7.50 to $8.75. This may be the only eatery in the city where you can choose bacon fat or duck fat (or both) as an add-on.