Did a Wildcat swipe Main Line cookie shop's cow?

Cow's usual place is outside of the Hope's Cookies shop in Rosemont.

Updated post

Baby Moo is back.

The calf statue, swiped overnight from its spot next to a mama cow outside the Hope’s Cookies shop in Rosemont (1125 W. Lancaster Ave), is on its way home.

Hope's owner Herb Spivak said an alert Villanova University campus police officer saw someone, apparently a student, getting out of a taxi with it early this morning. The suspect fled. The calf was taken to the security office, where Spivak was headed to pick it up this afternoon. 

A university spokesman said police were investigating. He called the student's behavior "unacceptable and something the university does not tolerate."

Baby Moo, a 50-pounder measuring 42 inches tall, was last seen 10 p.m. Wednesday.

Back in 2009, Baby Moo was lifted over one weekend. It was returned by a young women who had noticed it during a party in a house near Temple's North Philly campus. 

At the time, Spivak said he was installing better anchors and nighttime video cameras to keep his herd from wandering again. He vowed to redouble his security efforts