Have bartenders gotten out of control?

Seasoned barman Derek Brown has nothing against creativity behind the bar, mind you, but what's happening nowadays has gotten out of hand, he writes on Tablematters.com.

Kooky ideas. Kooky ingredients. What place does a well-made daiquiri have in this world?

"Too often, bartenders, rather than sharpening our axes, studying, searching and trying to find meaning among the thousands of cocktails already created, the neophyte – and even sometimes seasoned veterans, I’m afraid – indulge in the worst possible fantasy: that of some mixological Prometheus who steals the eternal flame of creativity from the old, stuffy Gods and re-imagines it as lavender-infused ice or cinnamon-ancho rim," he posits. "The unfortunate result is that it’s our liver and not theirs that is forever picked at by these often vile and outlandish combinations."

Among Brown's suggestions to his breathren is the 90/10 Rule: "For every cocktail you create, try learning nine classic cocktails first, or 90% of your cocktails should be classics and 10% should be new creations. This rule is by no means fail-proof but it’s certainly a way to make sure you practice the basics before proceeding. The very worst that could happen is that you add nine new drinks to your repertoire. Not so bad really.

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