A caterer is giving away Christmas dinners

Chef Jason Cichonski, 26, will cook a scrumptous Thanksgiving dinner -- like this one -- for a bunch of his friends. He lives in South Philadelphia. ( Clem Murray / Staff Photographer ) EDITOR'S NOTE: DMRBoys18-b 11/4/2010 Everything's different when you share thanksgiving dinner with friends, instead of family: the menu,the conversation, even the seating arrangements. So get up from the kids' table, wipe off that lipstick stain from Aunt Peg's messy kiss and enjoy as chef Jason Cichonski, 26, named one of the DN sexiest singles, cooks with his pals. this will be the cover story for thanksgiving, we need a really lovely shot of the finished turkey, which is the only food Jason will be cooking on this day. We've asked him to also buy stuff like pomegranates or clementines to decorate the dish. 2 of 3

Chef Max Hansen is intent on providing quality meals to service men and women who can’t get home to their loved ones and families in need this Christmas.

The Bucks County-based caterer, who spends most of his time catering upscale events, asks those in need of Christmas dinner this year to email him a note presenting the details relating to the hardship before Dec. 21.  
Charity runs in Hansen’s family, as his father, Dr. Chris Hansen, was a pediatrician to the poor. “I didn’t see my dad a lot during Christmas because he was always taking care of patients,” Max Hansen said. “I knew how important helping people was to him and I’m happy to be carrying on his legacy this Christmas." Doc Hansen had a reputation for delivering turkeys, Christmas trees and other foods during the holidays, and was known to pull a stethoscope out of his pocket during deliveries to listen to children’s chests.
Hansen organized a $35,000 fundraiser to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims featuring top Princeton, N.J., chefs at Bedens Brook Country Club in Skillman, N.J., on Nov. 18.
Anyone interested in receiving a Christmas meal should email Info@MaxHansenCaterer.com with their story along with a head count and address. Hansen will collect all emails that come in and help as many families as he can feed. Deliveries will be made on Monday, Dec. 24.