Garces' cookbook makes a best-of list

Contest winner Aliah Davis of Washington, N.J., with Jose Garces at the Verizon store on Market Street near 11th. MICHAEL KLEIN /

Jose Garces' new cookbook, The Latin Road Home, has made critic John Mariani's list of the "best holiday food and drink books."

Mariani, best known for his work in Esquire, blurbs: "Immensely gifted both as a chef and conceptualizer, Garces has established his reputation with 15 restaurants nationwide to high acclaim. In this heartfelt book, Garces tells us of all that went into the making of his culinary style, the Latin countries that show such distinctions that have never really been displayed before, at a time when too many chefs merely toss in some South of the Border ingredients and call it 'Nueva Latino.' This book is about the best viejo Latino, evident in dishes like quinoa chowder with sweet corn from Ecuador, octopus with potato confit from Barcelona, hearts of palm with coconut vinaigrette from Cuba, and tortilla soup from Vera Cruz."

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In 2008, Mariani chose Garces' Distrito as one of his best new restaurants in America (along with Zahav that year).