Five easy recipes - with secret ingredients


From soup to nuts - literally - here are five easy dishes with outside-the-box ingredients to pep up the taste. Ask your holiday tasters to guess what that little something-something is.

1. The Lauren's Latest blog comes through with tomato bisque enhanced by pesto. Step-by-step instructions are here.

2. Pillsbury tucks sweet and sour meatballs into its Grands biscuits. The cranberry sauce and chili sauce impart the kick. It's here.

3. This recipe for candied yams calls for cinnamon. But your guests will never guess the additional kick: Red Hots candies. It's here.

4. AllRecipes suggests a pico de gallo recipe that uses minced dill pickles for added sharpness. It's here.

5. Claire Robinson of the Food Network turns out delicious sweet-and-spiced pecans. The sweet comes not from sugar but from agave. It's here.