Citron and Rose opening Nov. 7


After tackling fried chicken, doughnuts, Israeli food, and Texas barbecue, why not do kosher cuisine?

Wednesday, Nov. 7 is the launch of Citron and Rose (368-370 Montgomery Ave., Merion Station, 610-664-4919), which puts restaurateurs Steven Cook and chef Michael Solomonov in a restaurant-catering operation with philanthropist David Magerman. Reservations are now being taken via OpenTable.

I have not seen it yet, but the main room will feature a central open kitchen. The 75-seat space is divided into two sections, with the bar and chef’s counter, both topped with white marble, separated by a row of windows from the airy main dining room. White subway tiles cover the walls; stained ebony oak floors, natural wood wainscoting and molded walnut barstools lend a natural aesthetic. A black-and-white graphic floral motif is echoed throughout, including the 15 seat private dining room. Outdoor seating, in season.

For inspiration, Cook+Solo traversed Europe to eat in kosher restaurants. Chef de cuisine Yehuda Sichel, who grew up in a kosher home and has worked with the guys since 2010, will execute a dairy-free menu. Sample dishes: Chopped Liver with sour cherry, chocolate and pumpernickel; Mushroom Knish with smoked kasha, tsimmes and carrot-mustard; Salmon Gravlax with everything bagel spice, walnuts, radish and smoked bagel; Baked Whole Fish en papillote, parsley potatoes, sweet peppers and riesling; Roast Chicken, featuring honey-paprika glaze, schmaltzy potatoes and baby arugula; and Pecan Praline Challah French Toast with non-dairy coffee ice cream, fried pecans and maple syrup. Appetizer prices range from $9 to $12; Entree prices range from $14 to $28; Desserts are $9.

Menu is here.

The cooking will have modern twists. They're taking Sholet (aka Cholent), a meat-and-potatoes stew that is meant to be prepared before sundown on Friday and left in the oven overnight to be eaten during the sabbath, and subbing crispy duck breast for beef or chicken. It's to be served with confit duck leg, kishke, haminado and flageolet beans.

Would you believe kosher cocktails? Samples: The Cosmonaut, vodka with beet juice syrup and fresh grapefruit juice; The Lower East Side, gin with cucumber and dill; and Reb Roy, a twist on a classic Rob Roy with scotch and Manischewitz. The restaurant will also feature kosher wines, craft beers and an extensive list of scotches. 

The restaurant will be under the kosher supervision of Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia.

Because the restaurant will observe the sabbath, the guys will avoid that sticky situation: Everyone wants a 7:30 table on Saturday night; right?

Not here. Citron and Rose will be open for dinner only Sunday through Thursday.