Perfect chocolate-chip cookies: An app for that

If you follow a cookie recipe out of a cookbook or off the side of a chocolate-chip bag, you'll probably get decent results.

Let's say, however, that your recipe yields chewy and thick cookies and you happen to like 'em crispy and thin.

Such an issue vexed local guys Max Minkoff, chef Andrew Schloss, and Bruce Zenel.

Behold, the iPod/iPhone/iPad app Cookulus.

Select your desired cookie, slide the "modulator bar" for 11 settings from crispy to soft, chewy to crumbly, and thin to thick, and the app customizes the recipe - tweaking the amount of flour, butter, sugar, baking time, and other variables.

In tech terms: "Based on a patent-pending algorithm, various attributes of a recipe are graphed against one another, creating a master recipe that can be morphed in multiple dimensions by sliding one or more of the adjustable sliders."

All I know is that the darn thing worked beautifully, helping me turn out a dozen perfectly soft, chewy, thick chocolate-chip cookies., available for 99 cents at the App Store