Bloggers say cheese for a unique collaboration

In Deep Autumn is a collaboration of three food bloggers.

Food bloggers Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars, Tenaya Darlington of Madame Fromage and Jason Varney of Fussing with Forks teamed up to create four digital pages of cheese, preserve and drink pairings and recipes entitled In Deep Autumn.

"We gathered chestnuts, we pickled shallots and preserved persimmons," begins the magazine. "With three wild cheeses, we feasted and found the light again."

McClellan and Darlington collaborated on the recipes, such as the Caramelized Shallot Pickle, and Varney took all the photographs for the electronic “mini-magazine.”

“No need to get fancy,” they write. “Pick a few boughs, spread your tarnished silver, and let the mood of the woods creep indoors.”

The featured cheeses were provided and are available from Di Bruno Bros.

Read McClellan's full post on the collaboration here.