4 hot young chefs cooking collab dinners

Four of the hottest young chefs in the city - Lee Styer at Fond, Jon Cichon at Lacroix, Nicholas Elmi at Rittenhouse Tavern, and Christopher Kearse at Will BYOB - are doing a set of four dinners at one another's restaurants.

On Jan. 13, Kearse will host the first one at his Passyunk Avenue spot - an eight-course feast ($100) - for a maximum of 35 patrons.

Next will be at Rittenhouse Tavern on the square in February, then to Fond on East Passyunk in March and back to Rittenhouse Square to Lacroix in April.

Email info@willbyob.com for a res.

Menu for the first dinner:

Wianno Oyster

Lemon Myrtle, Caramelized White Soy, Quinoa


Sea Robin and Sea Urchin

Horseradish, Crab Apple, Seaweed



Green Curry, Butternut Squash, Coconut


Blue Crab Consomme

Pork Belly, Kale Dumpling, Apple



Sunchoke, Persimmon, Beet


Smoked Beef Cheek

Parsnip, Black Garlic, Radish


Foie Gras Cannoli

Pistachio, Cranberry



Mandarin Orange, Nasturtium, Goat Yogurt