5 places to find your vegetarian ramen fix

Vedge ( Charles Fox / Staff Photographer )

As recently as last year, Philly had very little going on in the realm of ramen, poised for a noodle-festooned boom that seemed inevitable but distant. Now, broth brokers abound in the city, stoking the who’s-got-the-best-bowl argument food nerds love to have.

The ramen category that dominates the scene here is tonkotsu, prepared via the prolonged simmering of pork bones to create a rich, filling base most frequently draped with sliced pork and other traditional toppings. While the prevalence of this style spells victory for pig-fat devotees, it leaves vegetarians and vegans in a bit of a lurch. Luckily, most ramen shops in town, plus a handful of non-ramen-specific restaurants, have stepped in to provide the meatless with some legit options. After the jump, our pocket guide to veggie ramen rabble-rousing in Philly. Fond of one not noted here? Let us know about it in the comments.