14 pizza recipes you should be making

Buffalo chicken Caesar skillet pizza.

Pizza. There’s no doubt that it’s everybody’s favorite takeout. The beauty of making it at home is the fact that it’s essentially a blank canvas – you can make it your own. Of course, the classic pepperoni is always fantastic, but sometimes you gotta shake things up a little…hummus and chicken meatball pizza anyone? Or what about a Caesar salad pizza?


Buffalo Chicken Skillet Pizza

You'll want to make this pronto. It's one of the best food combos - Caesar salad and pizza. Here's the recipe.


Italian Polenta Pizza

Brilliant use of polenta. Get the recipe here.


Easy Pizza

You just can't argue with this - go here to get this recipe.


Broccolini Mandarin Orange Pizza

This HAS to be crazy delicious; broccolini and mandarin oranges. Go here to get this beautiful recipe.


Stuffed Crust Pizza

Skip delivery and make this cheese loaded pie at home. Go here for the recipe.


Pizza Bianca

Get the recipe for this beautiful white pizza here.


Taco Pizza

Get your Mexican and pizza fix at one time - go here for the recipe.


Pizza with Tomatoes and Olives

Ripe tomatoes, black olives, and fresh basil adorn this beauty. Get the recipe here.


Greek Pizza

Tomatoes, artichokes, and Kalamata olives. YES. Go here to get this recipe.


New York Style Pizza

You need this in your life - so go here and make this ASAP.


Hummus Chicken Meatball Pizza

You can't go wrong with this Mediterranean-flavored pizza. Go here for the recipe.


Buffalo Chicken Skillet Pizza

Get your cast iron skillet out for this one. You can get the recipe here. You'll thank me.


Stovetop Pizza

Um...why didn't I already know about this? Pizza on the stovetop! Go here for the recipe.


Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza

This is one luscious and flavor packed pie! Go here to get the recipe.

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