Over the Top: Salty Pimp from Big Gay Ice Cream

"Salty Pimp" specialty ice cream cone, vanilla soft serve injected with dulce de leche, dipped in chocolate shell and topped with sea salt from Big Gay Ice Cream on South Street east of Broad. (Donny Tsang photo)

Over the Top, an occasional series in the Philadelphia Daily News, features local dishes that are so ridiculously delicious, so awesomely sinful, so, well, over-the-top, that they’re worth obsessing over.


Last weekend left many Philadelphians feeling quite virtuous.

Time to fix all that, with a Salty Pimp ice-cream cone from South Street's Big Gay Ice Cream.

Ever since the NYC-based biz opened its Philly store in late April, fans have been streaming in for cake cones drizzled with own-make dulce de leche, filled with 4.8 ounces of organic-cream vanilla soft serve that's injected with more dulce, sprinkled with sea salt, and dipped into an all-natural chocolate shell whose recipe includes a dash of deliciously burnt-tasting cayenne.

It's light, yet dense, creamy and crunchy, simple yet complex, salty and sweet with a hint of spice. It's also the shop's far-and-away best-seller - and just the thing to satisfy the devil on your shoulder. (It's also the first item in an occasional Daily News series about over-the-top Philly foods to enjoy while you can.)

Salty Pimp, $5.90 at Big Gay Ice Cream, Broad and South streets, noon-midnight Thursday-Saturday, noon-10 p.m. Sunday-Wednesday, 267-886-8024, biggayicecream.com