Make These Enchiladas at Home—It’s Easier Than You Think

Sour cream chicken enchiladas.

Mexican food is by far my favorite food to eat—and enchiladas are at the top of my list. I have a couple different enchilada recipes on my blog (simple sour cream enchiladas, enchiladas verdes with chicken, and black bean enchiladas) but I really was in the mood for ground beef ones the other night.  I decided to just make them instead of heading off to my favorite Mexican restaurant, and the result was fantastic.

I used my homemade enchilada sauce for this recipe, but if you don’t have the time, you can just get a good quality store-bought one.  This recipe is really easy, and it’s also really flexible—you can add whatever ingredients you want. When I have more time, I like my Mexican ground beef to have tiny cubes of potato and green peas in it too. Delicious.

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