Monday, December 15, 2014

The Scoop: The original Kohr Brothers frozen custard

Nine-year-old Abby Ryan from Medford, Mass., enjoys a mint chocolate twist from Kohr Bros. (Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel/Staff)
Nine-year-old Abby Ryan from Medford, Mass., enjoys a mint chocolate twist from Kohr Bros. (Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel/Staff)

The deal: Like Johnson's caramel corn and Mack & Manco pizza (OK, Manco & Manco), Kohr Bros.' frozen custard twists are part of a complete meal at the Jersey Shore. York natives Archie and Ernie Kohr served their first machine-made ice cream on Coney Island in 1919. Soon thereafter, they added eggs to the mix to slow their dessert's melting time. Today, grandson Dan Kohr manages five Kohr stores in Ocean City.

Where: 6th to 10th Street, Ocean City Boardwalk (5 stores); 274 96th St., Stone Harbor; 2518-4001 Wildwood Boardwalk (4 stores); 512 Washington Mall, Cape May; Deptford Mall, Deptford (open year round).

Hours: Daily, 11 a.m.-midnight (11 p.m. off-season). Season: First week of March through Thanksgiving, "Sometimes even past that, if the weather's mild," said Dan Kohr.

Most popular flavor: "Always been vanilla-chocolate," he said.

We tried: That best-seller with a chocolate shell on a cake cone. Classic, mild, slow to drip but quick to disappear, just like we remembered from decades ago. Also sampled a cup of plain peanut butter - not too sweet, just enough nutty.

The menu: To swirl together or enjoy separately: vanilla-orange, strawberry-banana, peanut butter-chocolate, chocolate-mint, coffee-caramel (select stores), and from September on, pumpkin-cinnamon.

Next time we'll have: A peanut butter-chocolate twist. Or maybe chocolate-mint. Then again, orange-vanilla sounds refreshing . . .

Prices: Cones and cups: child $3, small $3.74, medium $4.67, large $5.61, chocolate shell $1.

How to find it: Look for the big blue sign with the cone of vanilla and chocolate. Or go to

Secret recipe: Ingredient list still includes eggs, pasteurized.

Perks of working there: "Always a nice view, the weather's mild, and you can always taste some product," said Kohr.

A summertime journey across the Philadelphia region in search of great ice cream and other frozen treats. Reported this week by Daily News staff writer Lauren McCutcheon. Have a fave we should try? Email

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