Thursday, September 18, 2014
Inquirer Daily News

First Take: From the field to the office

More than a decade ago, Penn State football player Adam Taliaferro lay helplessly on the turf of a football field, unable to move, with no feeling from his neck down.
Upon hanging up their cleats, skates, or sneakers, many professional athletes walk off into the sunset and are rarely heard from again - except for an appearance at an old-timer's game or a reunion. Some head to the TV booth or become pitchmen for luxury cars or toil in the minor leagues or sit at the end of the bench as an assistant.
Tim Tebow's religion, charisma, and winning ways put him in the spotlight.
Second-year quarterback Tim Tebow, recently traded from Denver to the New York Jets after the Broncos acquired free agent Peyton Manning, has been the talk of the sporting world for months partly for those reasons.