Friday, February 27, 2015


Everyone knows crime rates go up with the temperature, so it's no wonder networks are anticipating the spring thaw with a fistful of new procedurals.
Lots of talk, not much action in new WE series where couples have sex in windowless, soundproof container.
One of the pioneers of the French New Wave, Alain Resnais made exquisite films that transcended their time, including a series of collaborations with avant-garde literary figures such as Marguerite Duras (Hiroshima Mon Amour), Alain Robbe-Grillet (Last Year at Marienbad), and Jean Cayrol (Muriel) that established his international reputation.
On Wednesday night, Philly filmmaker Lee Daniels stopped by “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” for the show’s outer space episode.
LONDON, Feb 26 (Reuters) - The anonymous but eminent British street artist known as Banksy has posted a mini-documentary on his site showing squalid conditions in Gaza six months after the end of the war between the enclave's Islamist Hamas rulers and Israel.
This week's new DVD releases include top-notch animated offerings for young and old. Big Hero 6, Grade A-: A young genius uses a robot to solve a mystery, and never has East met West in such a visually stunning way as in this film, which Sunday was awarded the Oscar for best animated feature. Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams have man
LOS ANGELES ( - After the shocking twist at the end of "Arrow's" Feb. 25 episode, we have a lot of questions -- and with the show in repeats until March 18, onscreen answers won't be forthcoming any time soon.
Lady Gaga to Star in 'American Horror Story' Season 5
After years of wondering about his family’s story, Rennard East went on “Genealogy Roadshow” and got a history lesson for the ages.
LOS ANGELES ( - If social media is the judge, it was the most daring and heartfelt moment of the 2015 Oscar show. And it almost didn't happen.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Even if it never wins another award, "House of Cards" already ranks among the most influential series in television history.