Saturday, December 20, 2014


And so the red-white-and-blue eagle has flown the coop. Stephen Colbert ended his nine-year run of wry demagoguery on Comedy Central Thursday with a finale that started modestly and ended like A Night of a Thousand Stars.
Who is the right one? Kate Upton. Penélope Cruz. Eva Longoria. Who's the sexiest of them all? There's a pop-cult cacophony, with mags naming different women as the year's best in, um, being a woman.
On Thursday, the first season of the smash-hit podcast Serial ended the only way it could have. And if you think I'm going to tell you how, you're crazy.
With nearly 30 films as director and scores more as producer, Steven Spielberg has become one of the world's most powerful forces in filmmaking. So it seems more than appropriate to give cinephiles a Spielberg boxed set as a holiday gift.
As "Colbert Report" wraps up, its host sheds a persona that's served him well.
LOS ANGELES ( - Federal authorities have determined that hackers working on behalf of the North Korean government were behind the attack...
New releases this week will have you coming and going. The Maze Runner, B-minus: Young captives must find a way out of a giant maze. Based on the James Dashner young-adult dystopian science fiction novels.
NEW YORK (AP) - It's not such a great day, America - not for fans of Craig Ferguson.
LOS ANGELES ( - ABC Family has given a series pickup to the addiction drama "Recovery Road."
LOS ANGELES ( - Buoyed by superb casting and an organic setting for flamboyant, larger-than-life characters, "Mozart in the Jungle" may not qualify as a masterpiece.
LOS ANGELES ( - Sarah Jessica Parker is eying her return to HBO. The "Sex and the City" star is expected to star in and exec produce HBO's...