Monday, October 20, 2014
Inquirer Daily News


On Thursday night, the New York branch of the Paley Center for Media hosted an unprecedented reunion in honor of HBO's "The Wire," routinely lauded as one of the greatest shows in TV history.
NEW YORK (AP) - The eerie TV town of Twin Peaks will soon be available between covers.
It's not TV. It's HBO Go-It-Alone.
NEW YORK (AP) - CBS is jumping on the cord-cutting bandwagon, launching a stand-alone digital streaming service for $5.99 a month that will offer subscribers access to its current and older shows.
NEW YORK (AP) - CNN's "Crossfire" and Jane Velez-Mitchell's nightly show on HLN are both being canceled as a result of budget cuts at CNN Worldwide.
"All in the Family" creator says memoir is "first time I've written thoroughly about myself."
Kevin Hart and his fellow "Real Husbands of Hollywood" cast members kept the conversation real Tuesday evening at the Paley Center for Media while discussing the upcoming season of the BET show that has been dubbed "the fakest reality show."
In a bold surprise, HBO said it will launch a stand-alone over-the-top service in the U.S. next year, HBO chief Richard Plepler confirmed Wednesday.
Actor Seth Rogen turned on the TV executive who canceled his cult TV series Freaks and Geeks after coming face to face with him this weekend.
NEW YORK (AP) - Jay Leno is returning to nightly television.
NEW YORK (AP) - David Letterman's longtime cue-card holder says he wound up cuing his own firing by getting aggressive with a colleague.
James Franco scuffles with photographer - report