Thursday, July 31, 2014
Inquirer Daily News


Stephen A. Smith was suspended one week by ESPN for remarks about domestic violence.
Classic horror film THE EVIL DEAD is set to be brought back to life for a new TV series.
Jul 29 ( - Ron Livingston has been cast as Paul Revere in the AMC comedy pilot “We Hate Paul Revere,” shooting next month.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - "The Honorable Woman" is a meditative thriller that investigates a woman's inner life and a global hot spot. Poised between dream-state and tough reality, it exposes timeless truths while remaining as current as the next Israeli-Palestinian clash.
Jul 29 ( - Prince Hans and Paddie the troll are the latest “Frozen” characters heading for Storybrooke. “Once Upon a Time” c0-creator and producer Adam Horowitz tweeted about actors Tyler Jacob Moore and John Rhys-Davies joining the Season 4 cast.
LAS VEGAS (AP) - The long parade of tourists who regularly stop by the downtown Las Vegas shop featured on the History Channel reality show "Pawn Stars" could soon have something better to do while waiting in line.
Directing the "Sharknado" movies is like fighting off airborne sharks: It helps to be able to think on one's feet.
Fox’s animated families meet in this five-minute preview that was shown at Comic-Con
NEW YORK (AP) - Sarah Palin has started her own subscription-based online network.
Before Comic-Con, "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter teased some big guest casting news.
Jul 30 ( - “The Big Bang Theory” has hit a stumbling block on its way to another season.