Suspended Amazon exec is the guy who axed Moorestown writer's 'Good Girls Revolt'

Ellen Gray, Television Critic

Updated: Friday, October 13, 2017, 12:31 PM

"Good Girls Revolt": Genevieve Angelson (left) as Patti Robinson and Grace Gummer as Nora Ephron

Before Amazon Studios chief Roy Price was put on leave Thursday following sexual-harassment allegations, fans of Good Girls Revolt knew Price as the clueless executive who’d canceled the 1969-set show about women fighting sex discrimination just five weeks after its premiere.

So it didn’t take long for some to wonder whether, if Price, accused of having crudely, and repeatedly, propositioned Man in the High Castle producer Isa Hackett, doesn’t come back, Good Girls Revolt might.

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“No one has contacted me about revisiting Good Girls Revolt, although I’m always touched by the continued support by our fans,” Dana Calvo, the show’s Moorestown, N.J.-raised creator, said in a phone interview Friday.

Moorestown's Dana Calvo , former reporter, created the series "Good Girls Revolt."

In December, Calvo told me there had been a “brief discussion” after her pitch for a second season in which Price had wondered aloud, ” ‘What if they made it into a half-hour?’ I mean, talk about someone who just didn’t get our show. This is a grownup, hourlong drama.”

Good Girls Revolt was inspired by Lynn Povich’s book, The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued Their Bosses and Changed the Workplace. Before the show was canceled, Amazon had told the Hollywood Reporter it was the “top binged first season of a U.S.-produced Amazon original series” across its first 10 days of streaming.

Even before Moore’s suspension, which followed days of reports on allegations of sexual harassment and assault against producer Harvey Weinstein, there was reason to question Price’s ability as a programmer.

Having a blind spot about 51 percent of the population might actually be bad business.

After Hulu became the first streaming programmer to win the Emmy for outstanding drama, for its adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon, which went home emptyhanded, had passed on the chance to bid on either that, or HBO’s Big Little Lies, another women-focused show that did very well at the Emmys.

Vulture, meanwhile, quoted creators as saying Amazon wasn’t “artist-friendly.”

One artist Price seemed plenty friendly toward, though, was Woody Allen, whose terrible Crisis in Six Scenes he’d championed.

Asked in August 2015, during a Television Critics Association session, if he’d taken into account the allegations of sexual abuse that have dogged Allen, he said, “I think you have to look at the whole picture but … our focus is on the fact that he is a great filmmaker and storyteller, and so we look forward to the show.”

Ellen Gray, Television Critic

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