Wildwood man on tonight’s ‘Hoarders’


You think you’ve seen weird on A&E’s OCD pageant, Hoarders? You have to see tonight’s episode (9 p.m.) featuring Randy Senna of Wildwood. He’s hopelessly addicted to hoarding…himself.

Inside the old Woolworth Building on Pacific Avenue, Senna has created an arcade museum fittingly named Randyland. (see footage, below) Haven’t been there? That’s because it’s not open to the public.

The 20,000 square foot space is crammed with midway games and other boardwalk memorabilia. It’s also stocked with hundreds of Randy mannequins. That’s right, Senna has created an army of one: life-sized replications of himself.

As the self-hoarder says, “You can’t improve on the perfection of the Randy, so you might as well make copies.

It’s more eerie than Yul Brynner in Westworld.

Senna does have a working business: Flipper's Fascination on the Wildwood boardwalk. It's pretty cluttered too.

But Randyland has gotten so full, that Senna has taken to filling tractor trailers with his paraphenalia, which includes canisters of his actual hair.

Hurry, hurry…

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