‘Weeds’ shocker: Who shot Nancy?

Who targeted Mary Louise Parker on 'Weeds'?

If you’re a fan of Showtime’s Weeds, you probably recall the cliffhanger from season seven: the Botwin family, happy at last, gathered in suburban splendor, chilling in the backyard. Except someone was scoping them out. With a sharpshooter’s crosshairs lingering on Nancy’s smiling face.

The outrageous comedy began its eighth and final season last night and ….read no further if you recorded the episode for later delectation.

But if you did watch, and you’re a big fan of Weeds, I need you. Who was that kid in the hoodie who gave Nancy a new and unbecoming part in her hair and a screaming ambulance ride?

Got to admire Shane’s new take-charge Inspector Gadget attitude. And the way Nancy’s family looted the gourmet basket of the guy in the next hospital bed.

But the shooter? He visited Nancy at the end of the episode, bemoaning the fact that his attack on her didn’t make him feel any better.

I did my due diligence and found out he’s Tim, the mostly grown up but apparently still very angry son of Peter Scottson, the DEA agent who was briefly and unhappily married to Nancy. Peter was killed by the Armenian mob. Back in Season two!

I like Weeds. Always have. But I haven’t made an intensive study of its minor characters. I think that’s an awful long time to expect viewers to hold on to a subplot. Especially for a show targeted at people who might be having problems with their short term memory.

Like, say, Doug. What do you say, Big Guy? Did y9ou have any idea who that guy was?


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