Tonight’s TV highlight: A ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ reunion

The title of tonight’s first episode of Hot In Cleveland (10 P.M. on TV Land) has a familiar ring to it: “Love Is All Around”. That’s right. It’s the name of the theme song from the beloved TV classic, The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

And that makes sense since the installment features a reunion of the distaff cast members from that show. (In other words, no Ted Baxter, no Mr. Grant.)

The video below gives you a taste of what you’ll see when the gang is all together again.

A little context: they’re not playing their characters from TMTMS (Mary, Rhoda, Phyllis, Sue Ann and Georgette). Instead Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper, Cloris Leachman, Betty White and Georgia Engel portray some ladies who once bowled together – until a league championship went to their heads.

They decide to throw a few frames for old times’ sake and, as you can see, lots of inside references are made to their original (and still the greatest) sitcom.

Also guest starring in the episode are George Hamilton and Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Hey, Mary Tyler Moore, Jesse Tyler Ferguson – wonder if they’re related on their mothers’ side?

TV trivia: The show’s theme, “Love is All Around”, which most Americans can still sing at the flip of a hat, was written by Sonny Curtis, who grew up and played music with Buddy Holly in Lubbock, Texas




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