'The X Factor': Call the Xorcist

How can 13-year-old X Factor contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar be this vocally sophisticated?

Watch her on last night’s show sing a slow, torchy version of Karmin’s “Brokenhearted” poolside at Britney’s Malibu crib. Brit and will.i.am both agree there’s only one possible explanation: The girl is possessed.

Did I mention she’s 13? And possessed. Or a caterpillar. Or a dragon. Take your pick. One thing is for sure: Girl can sing.

Let’s clear up one other thing: Britney’s Malibu crib? Not really. The building and that incredible ocean view were leased for the show. And that spectacular Miami mansion that Simon Cowell was passing off as his own? That actually belongs to New York Yankee strikeout machine Alex Rodriguez.

The much touted judges’ home visits are not what they’re cracked up to be. So Carly Rose wasn’t the only thing being possessed on The X Factor.



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