Susan Lucci and 'All My Children' Take a 40th Anniversary Turn

ABC this afternoon celebrated the 40th anniversary of All My Children, which this month moved production from New York to Los Angeles, with a scene from the show as it played exactly 40 years ago, Jan. 12, 1970. 

Susan Lucci, playing a teenage version of Children's perennially difficult Erica Kane, played  opposite Rosemont's own Queen of the Soaps, Agnes Nixon, still spry at 82. Nixon, who created Children and One Life to Live, took the role of Erica's mother, Mona.

Susan Lucci.

"Did you have a nice evening, dear?" Mona asks, as she looks up from her Life magazine, a tiny anachronism. It was the Jan. 23, 1970, edition, with Johnny Carson on the cover (Conan O'Brien was six years old at the time).

"Drabsville," says Erica, who procedes to the TV to turn on, coincidence of coincedences "the late show." 

The more things change, the more they stay the same. A lot of folks would agree that things are drabsville in late night TV these days.