Ratings in for 'Mad Men' season-ender


Nobody jumped or fell out a window at Sterling Cooper, but  Sunday's Season 6 finale of "Mad Men" did create a little excitement for AMC, which reports that it scored more viewers than for any other finale in the show's history.

That's 2.7 million viewers, which is up a bit from the 2.4 million viewers the show's been averaging this season, when viewers who watch it within the first seven days of its airing are factored in.

It's not, however, anywhere near the estimated 13 million the Discovery Channel says  watched Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon Sunday on a tightrope without a net.

Fortunately, he didn't fall, either. But it was no doubt the idea that he might that drew the eyeballs. And he did get the walk over with just in time for "Mad Men's" East Coast start.





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