QVC host passes out on air

Warning: What you’re about to see is pretty scary.

It happened Sunday night in the mammoth West Chester studios of home shopping network QVC. Regular host Dan Hughes welcomes guest pitcher Cassie Slane to help him sell an Android computer tablet for children.

The marketing spirit is strong but the flesh is weak.

As soon as Slane’s arm shakily goes down to brace herself on the counter, you can clearly see she’s in trouble. She starts slurring her words and gesturing and then just keels over.

But that’s not the scary part. It’s how smoothly Hughes continues about his business as the camera cuts away.

Does that strike you as a little cold?

The good news is that Slane, a mother of three who lives in Merion Park, responded to concerned fans on her Facebook page yesterday: “Thanks to everyone for your kind words. I am feeling alot better today!”

Carolyn Gracie, the QVC personality who finished out the Sunday segment for Slane posted, “She had a couple of fainting spells due to low blood sugar. Poor thing. She is such a nice girl.”

And for our first 500 callers….



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