Octo-pandemonium on ‘Today’

Ann Curry has her hands full with the Suleman octuplets


NBC security, please report to Studio 1A. Wear your riot gear. And bring diapers.

It was one of the odder morning interviews in memory as Ann Curry attempted to interview Octomom Nadya Suleman this morning. (see video, below). There were quite a few distractions. Nine in all, as Suleman, seated on the floor, was surrounded by her two-year-old octuplets as well as nine-year-old Amerah .

The segment was like that episode of Star Trek with the Tribbles. If, that is, the Tribbles were hyperactive and noisy. The kids quickly lost interest in the toys provided and began to shoot off in all directions.

Even though guest co-anchor David Gregory, newsreader Natalie Morales and various staffers pitched in as baby wranglers, Curry still ended up running across the set twice, shouting “No, no, no, no, no!” as she tried to head off dangerous situations.

The one interesting thing that emerged from the interview is that Suleman is now boxing for a living. No joke. Hey, if you can live in this kind of chaos 24/7, a few head shots aren’t likely to make you punchy.

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