NBC cancels ‘The Michael J. Fox Show,’ says it ‘is not canceled’

NBC has been on a bit of a cancelation streak as of late, last week giving the axe to Sean Saves the World. This week, another comedy has been given the tentative boot due to its own rocky start: The Michael J. Fox Show

The network reportedly will replace Fox’s show with Jane Lynch’s Hollywood Game Night, effectively filling the Betsy Brandt/Michael J. Fox-sized programming hole with something a little more sure. Odd, considering that just 15 episodes of the completed 22 have aired—and, what’s more, the remaining seven might never air. 

NBC, for its part, has notified bloggers that the show, in fact,  “not canceled” and that they are “looking for a place on the schedule after April 3.” So, it’s kinda sorta canceled? Not really—the writing seems to be on the wall for this one. Fox’s show hasn’t had a stellar start, and that combined with the move to change its time before the season even aired is kind of a dead giveaway that this won’t end well. 

However, as one show withers, another blossoms: NBC is already working on a new series with Dr. Huxtable himself, Bill Cosby.