Liz Lemon is getting married

"30 Rock's" Liz Lemon, played by Upper Darby's own Tina Fey, is getting hitched.

On the Nov. 29 episode, the perennially single Liz will tie the knot with Criss Chross (played by guest star James Marsden). The "Save the Date" card sent out by NBC reads:

"Ms. Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon presents herself to be married to Mr. Crisstopher Rick Chross ... But not in a creepy way that perpetuates the idea that brides are virgins and women are property. She's 42. Whatever. No big whoop. Bring your own snacks."

We're thinking that this wedding isn't for keeps, considering the lack of advanced warning on the show's part. "30 Rock" fans will also note that Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) is also set to marry Jenna drag queen Paul (played by Will Forte). Then again, if Shakespeare taught us anything, it's that a good comedy ends with a wedding (or two).

"30 Rock" has sagged in recent seasons if only because Liz didn't seem to have a purpose anymore. It's as if she became a smarter, funnier Cathy. But the show has a renewed sense of urgency in its final shortened season. Truth is, we're not in love with Criss. He's just not that funny. We preferred her first love Floyd (Jason Sudeikis) but he's already married