‘Law & Order’: The all-star reel


One of the great things about Law & Order is that there was room in every single episode for juicy guest starring roles. You had suspects, witnesses, lawyers, criminals, the families of victims, shysters, hookers, doctors…need I go on?

And over 20 years, that’s a lot of casting calls. If you belonged to the Screen Actors Guild and could reasonably travel to New York City, you probably appeared in at least one show, either on the law or the order side.

Take a look at this montage of well-known actors popping up on L&O over the years, everyone from Jeremy Irons to Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper to Rainn Wilson. You even get the Fonz (Henry Winkler) using some very bad language.

What was your favorite? Personally I went for Ludacris and Jerry Lewis. Post yours below.

The clip is courtesy of Slacktory, a channel on YouTube that does very funny and imaginative theme compilations (among other things) from TV shows. For TV fans, it’s a blast.



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